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31 December, 2009

it's new year !

sO .. the resOlutiOn ? hOw abOut the resOlutiOn ? haha .. the first thing abOut new year is .. A NEW RESOLUTION ! yahhh , exactly .. gud bye 2009 .. will miss ma preciOus memOries , this year ( 2009 ) , the best year ever cOz tahUn ni lah first time i jejakkan kaki at secOndary schOol sebagai STUDENT ! yeahh . haha , having fun with the supervisOr yg sengal - sengal belaka . n yg palling ta bes in 2009 , the paparazi of the schOol yg terAMAT lahh buzyOdyy . huHuu ! but
we just mOve On rytee ? yahh ! WELCOME 2010 .. =)

The New Year begins in a snow storm of white vows , cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right , HAPPYYY BLASTER NEW YEAR =)
Thanks For Reading, Gaddda Da Vidda Baby!

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