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12 December, 2010

Its yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Last place you went out to eat? Oldtown -.-

What color is your shirt? PINKPINK!

Would you get back together with any of your exes? No way, man

Are you happy with your cell phone? Aww, middle

Do you text? Always, gehee

What's your favorite Green Day song? 21GUNS

Are you a vegetarian? Think so, ah

Do you drink coffee? Yoooaaaa y nooot!

Do you have cable? Nahh. ;P

Have you ever woken up from a really good dream? Daily ah! (: ALWAYYYYSSS

Are you single? Middle, kot

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi Strawberry.

Last mall store you went to? O.U

Is it snowing there? No, err never, hahahak

Do you own any band t-shirts? aww nope. ^^''

Do you have allergies? Eiii, yeah

How do you like Avril Lavigne? Aww i dnt like her.

Punk or Prep? Windome n adorableee. xP

What song are you listening to? It's Britney BITTCCHH!

What color are your underwear? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE?

Are you tired right now? Bored -.-

Are you in love? Yeah i think so, shh

Are you good looking? aww?

Put a random emoticon on the line: >:P

Name the disease that Michael J. Fox suffers with:

Do you have a laptop? Yaaaah

How old are you? Dude i'm still young, dnt worry laaah

Favorite OneRepublic song? Secrets!

Where are you posting this survey? Blogger?

Do you have any pets? nope bt soon, yeah

Do you have a myspace? yyyuup

Favorite pudding flavor? STRAWBERRY!!

Favorite kool-aid flavor? STRAWBERRY!!

Is Ashlee Simpson/Wentz pretty? Yeah!!

Do you like cheese and crackers? Why nooot!!
Thanks For Reading, Gaddda Da Vidda Baby!

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