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01 January, 2011

It's New Year, It's New Year, GUYS!

Happy One-One, New Year. Cehceh xP

i will resolve to have each of my resolutions in 140 characters or less! HAHA LOL-LOL!
Sofie will resolve this in 2011 to :::

-Ii'll stop replying to funny jokes I hears by saying, "L.O.L... L.O.L"
-Straight A'S in PMR, xP
-I would likes to think one step ahead ... Like a carpenter ... Who builds stairs. -.-?
-To be on the guest list for Obama's next state dinner. WOHOO WOHOO!
-Stop breaking into song at every opportunity ... Or atleast stop watching Glee ... Mamii :'(
-i will trys to make everyone's day a little more surreal!!! - Can't wait!!!!-
-I will solves to stop Oprah from making any more shows n replace it as BRITNEY SUPER SHOWS! HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHA. >.<'''
-I'm going ..... and going ..... and going ..... and going .... ing ... ing ... ECHOOOOOO ...

Kay kay, i'm done with my babbling ( WHAT THE WHAT THE? )
Daa ... see ya ... real soon ....

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Thanks For Reading, Gaddda Da Vidda Baby!

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