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04 June, 2011

Super Teens! Hawowa! :)

Hawaw, it's me! :P Booh! Assalamualaikum.

The holiday season are here now. How do you intend to spend your time?

-Consider taking up blogging as it has become a popular pastime for teens. many youngsters blog to express their thoughts and errr, it helps improve their writting skills too. HEE :P

Types Of Blogs --> Depending on the type of content and how it is written. HAVE A LOOK AT THE BLOGS ONLINE AND DECIDE WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BLOG ABOUT AND WHICH WRITTING STYLE SUITS YOU <---- Blink* tips. LOL.

<3 Live healthily! Instead of a holiday letter summarizing all I've done this year, I’m going to print out all my Facebook Status updates and stuff them in the cards. Much easier, Oh LMAO, joking :P

Sweat it out by playing a sports, this is also a good chance to socialize and bond with your fwiend, FOR SURE!

Make sure you're the crazy one! Pick up a couple of novels from the nearest bookstore & spend the afternoon reading. Or else you could make yourself some popcorn n enjoy a movie at home. ;D

P/s : Educate a Jackass and you are left with a Smartass. Best Luck! Hawawoah! Gtg :)
Lots of love , SOFIE

Thanks For Reading, Gaddda Da Vidda Baby!

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